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Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah (Part One)

Playing trains with cousin Cy

He is so cute!  AJ loved playing with him and so did Nate!

There was just enough snow to have a snowball fight with Aunt Sandy!

Get Dad AJ!

Nate couldn't figure out why everyone was running around and screaming like crazy!

Taro says "Thanks Aunt Tom!" for the loudest kid toy ever made.

We went to this park several times while we were in Moab.  There is a wonderful area with lots of musical instruments for the kids to play.  Both the boys loved it.

We saw a deer this day.  Can you spot it???

The boys were at home playing outside with the millions of rocks.  We brought home a huge bucket full of rocks to add to AJ's collection which he started here last year.

Nate apparently thinks his leg is a great place to hold all the rocks and dirt.

Lunch date

The kids entertained themselves on the rocks outside.

Our favorite college buddy, Chris!  So good to see him and chat!