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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah (Part Two)

This one was on our Christmas card.  It sure is cute.  Nate just couldn't put down the fruit snacks to say "Cheese." 

We took the boys to Sand Hill Climb!  This hill is massive with pure red sand.  Think beach sand but alot deeper and oh, straight up!  Taro said when he was in high school football, they would bus the team out here and drop them off.  They had to sprint to the top, run back down and do it again.  And keep doing it until they keeled over or puked or both.  HA!  It is seriously killer!

See that first huge rock on the left side?

AJ and I did a light sprint up, and I was winded at that first rock.  We had a rest there!

Nate had so much fun.

We were watching a little boy and his sister sled down the hill.  They asked AJ if he wanted to borrow it, and he said yes.  I was surprised.

It was a LONG way up!!  This was a serious sled.  It even had breaks.  HA.  He had so much fun.  



Day Twelve (December 2012)

Well, Christmas Eve came and things got crazy.  Sorry this is late.  But here is this month's picture.  The kids were helping me rake the leaves in the yard earlier this month.  It started to rain, but no one seemed to mind.  It was pretty fun.

The shoes came off, because well they were soaked.  It was pretty warm outside anyway.

Now this is funny.  Three years ago this month, we were doing the exact same thing with AJ.  In the same sweatshirt no less.  Take a look back.  AJ was 13-14 months and had been walking for a couple months.  nate is 17 months.  All together now, "Awww"

Look at that blonde hair!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day Eleven (November 2012)

My pirate wearing an adorable costume that my mom made.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day Ten (October 2012)

Crayola, what WERE you thinking?  Colored bubbles?  What a mess!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Day Nine (September 2012)

I just realized tonight that I have two Day # 7s.  Duh!  Think I got it all straightened out now.  Here's a picture of a couple cuties at the water park.  Nate is wearing shorts that are about 3 sizes to big for him, and I don't know why.  But they are sure cute.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day Eight (August 2012)

PJ Twins

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day Seven (July 2012)

These pictures were taken the day after Baby Zoe was born.  Taylor was visiting with us for the afternoon.  The boys entertained themselves in the newly refurbished jeep.

 Taylor driving @ about 1 mph.

 Everything is calm.

 Now, it's AJ's turn to drive @ 100 mph. (ok, not really but fast!)

Funniest picture ever!

Wish this was in focus.

Perhaps Taylor finally thinks AJ's driving is not so bad after all.  Either that or he is trying to escape.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day Six (June 2012)

Taro built these garden boxes this summer.  We got a late start with our garden, but it produced quite a few veggies.  Next year, we will plant one whole box of tomatoes though.  We didn't get enough of those because one of the plants didn't even produce one tomato.  Not a one.  But it grew over six feet tall!  We had about a million hot peppers, which some according to Taro, were too hot to eat.  Now coming from him, that must have been hot.  AJ and Nate loved to help water.  AJ would look at the plants everyday and tell us when he saw new blossoms or veggies coming in. He was proud!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah (Part One)

Playing trains with cousin Cy

He is so cute!  AJ loved playing with him and so did Nate!

There was just enough snow to have a snowball fight with Aunt Sandy!

Get Dad AJ!

Nate couldn't figure out why everyone was running around and screaming like crazy!

Taro says "Thanks Aunt Tom!" for the loudest kid toy ever made.

We went to this park several times while we were in Moab.  There is a wonderful area with lots of musical instruments for the kids to play.  Both the boys loved it.

We saw a deer this day.  Can you spot it???

The boys were at home playing outside with the millions of rocks.  We brought home a huge bucket full of rocks to add to AJ's collection which he started here last year.

Nate apparently thinks his leg is a great place to hold all the rocks and dirt.

Lunch date

The kids entertained themselves on the rocks outside.

Our favorite college buddy, Chris!  So good to see him and chat!