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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day Twelve (December 2012)

Well, Christmas Eve came and things got crazy.  Sorry this is late.  But here is this month's picture.  The kids were helping me rake the leaves in the yard earlier this month.  It started to rain, but no one seemed to mind.  It was pretty fun.

The shoes came off, because well they were soaked.  It was pretty warm outside anyway.

Now this is funny.  Three years ago this month, we were doing the exact same thing with AJ.  In the same sweatshirt no less.  Take a look back.  AJ was 13-14 months and had been walking for a couple months.  nate is 17 months.  All together now, "Awww"

Look at that blonde hair!!!


Sandy said...

Love that!! How cute the same sweatshirt and everything.