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Monday, February 06, 2012

Christmas in Utah

I am finally getting Christmas pictures posted.  They are in no particular order, mainly because it is hard to rearrange them.  HA HA.
Nate enjoying his First Christmas with lots of smiles!

Nate with "Bachan"

Little Elf

Preparing to shoot rockets for AJ's entertainment, or was it because Pop Pop and Taro think it's pretty cool too?

There it goes.
AJ's favorite: the Pirate rocket!
"The" best present of Christmas morning, according to AJ.  A light saber.

We got to spend some time with Aunt Sandy too.  Salt Lake Temple visit.

It was Freezing that morning!  But the temple was so beautiful.

View from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Cafe Rio for Lunch with Aunt Sandy?  Yes please!

AJ couldn't resist getting in the picture.

Spending some play time with Aunts Mitsuko, Yae, Aiko, and cousins too!

A stop at Elko, Nevada McDonalds.  Not Taro's elk.

On the way home, we found a "playground" along I-80 for some running around time.
First present of Christmas morning... Star Wars legos.  He shook the present days before when it was under the tree and said "It sounds like Star Wars legos!"  Whaaaattt??? LOL!

Nate's first present of the morning.  He looks surprised!  Santa must have gotten something right!

Taro and AJ took a long hike down to the old Power Dam near the house.  It was over a mile long hike and AJ loved it.

Found a walking stick just like Pop Pop's.

Finally made it there!

Nori and Mel's backyard!  Isn't it beautiful!  It was AJ's dream rock garden.

Nate learned to sit up during our visit.  How cute!