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Monday, September 03, 2012

Carpinteria 2012

We had a blast on our annual trip to Carpinteria, California for the Winger Family Reunion.  It's always so nice when all my sisters can come.
Cindy and family.  Four mini Cindys.  Can't believe Allison is a senior this year!!

Debbie and clan.  Christina will soon be off to BYU-Idaho.  Did we mention it will be COLD there Christina?  Soak up that summer sun now.  HA!
I'm not pleased with this family picture but I'll take what I can get!

Love it when we are all back together again.

Mom and Dad and all the 10 grandkids!  So cute!

This one WAS a keeper, except for AJ!  At least he LET us take his picture this year.
Mom and Dad.  Cute.
 Hoola Hoop contest!  Go Gracie!
 Me and Nate trying to stay cool!

First full day at the beach.  Bright and early morning walk and we were practically all alone out there.  It was awesome!

The boys building pyramids.  Nate took right to the sand.

A happy Taro, before the onset of his fourth annual Heat Rash that lasted the entire week!  #notcool #hashtagshoutout


 Morning trip to the pool with the cousins and Aunt Sandy.

Day trip to Ventura.

There was a playground ON the beach!  The kids LOVED it!

My brave lil dude has NO fear for someone who JUST started walking!

There was a huge rope ladder.  AJ was actually yelling "Help Mom!" here.  Hold on AJ, mommy just wants to take one more picture!   

Slide races are fun!  Especially when you get to land on the beach!

It was a LONG walk/run down the pier.  It was quite chilly at the end with all the wind blowing, but it was so beautiful.

Aunt Sandy, the official photog for the week.
 Ryan and AJ playing in the ginormous hole that Rick dug out.

Bat ray and SHARK warnings!!!!! AAAgghhH!  During Shark Week people!!!!

Nate loved every second he was in the water.  AJ did not.

Meanwhile I was looking for Bat rays.  Do the shuffle!

Trying to leave for the evening.  Nate was saying NO WAY!
 Aunt Sandy and Naters.
The whole clan!