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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rrr, matey. Fun on the Pirate Ship

The latest additions to the "Pirate Ship" playground include a ginormous pirate flag.  Special thanks to Taro for that one.  I think he could have found a slighty bigger flag though.   Jeez!

AJ steering the pirate ship away from meteors.  Yes, meteors.  All while screaming to his "crew" that there is an emergency.  HAHA!  It is hilarious.

The other fun addition is a bucket swing for Nate, which he loves as you can see.

Nate has learned to wave hi and goodbye, which is probably the cutest thing ever!  If you listen close you can hear AJ screaming at his crew about the latest emergency!  HA.


Sandy said...

How fun! They could probably stay out there all day. Lil' Nate is too cute and AJ looks so tall! "Crew we just got a 'burgency'"! haha