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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Spiderman likes Sushi

Spiderman getting ready to go Trick or Treating.  Saying he was excited is an understatement.  Telling you he said he was done after three houses is the truth.  But we pushed on and probably made it to another 15-20 houses more.
Showing you some Spiderman moves.

And some more.

Nate making his Halloween debut as a piece of sushi.  Yum, doesn't he look delish?

Hey Edward, where's Bella?

Nate stole some candy from AJ's basket when he got home.  Yes, several houses were giving away full sized candy.  Score!  For AJ of course.


Deb said...

sushi! i love it! Tell AJ those teeth are too scary!

Sandy said...

AJ's poses are killin' me they are too funny. And Nate looks adorable! MMm full sized Skittles..