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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Party!!!

Although he isn't going to be one until Oct. 29th, we had AJ's birthday party yesterday. It was a lot of fun. However, I don't think AJ had too much fun. He was glued to me the whole time. He didn't smile until he started opening his presents. And he didn't even want to eat his cake!!!! He never turns down food!!! He was tired and cranky and very clingy. But we managed to get a few pics.

Trying his own double decker cake I made him... but only a tiny bit.

Starting to open presents... he's a little interested...

This morning I tried to take some more shots of him with his hat. He was in a much better mood.

Homemade cookie monster cupcakes and a double layer Elmo Cake. Mmmm.


Sandy said...

I think he was upset because I wasn't there. :) Love the shots of him the next morning! Hilarious. What a difference a day makes. He looks so grown up!

Sandy said...

P.S. CUTE cake and cupcakes!! I wanna try them!

Cindy said...


Those cupcakes (and cake) look too cute to eat. Love it!

Miss you!